One of my favorite college professors shared one of his annual practices for personal goal setting.   He would pick a day between Christmas and New Year as a “time to think” day about the next year, and ask himself two simple questions.  What new skill did I learn last year?  What do I want to learn next year?  As a lifelong learner, the reflections and answers led him to his next year’s personal growth goals.  I copied his idea and the time has been well spent.  You may find this a helpful practice, too. 

When was the last time you did something for the first time? 

The Center for Creative Leadership has an inexpensive 28-page guidebook to help put ideas into action — “Reaching Your Development Goals”  by Cnythia McCauley and Jennifer Martineau.   For this and more goal setting and leadership resources, check out

“Dreams are goals with deadlines,” – Display window at retailer, Lululemon