If you keep an eye out for new tools to drive a more inclusive culture, consider the 30-5-1 weekly routine.   Just schedule 30 minutes for a get-to-know you conversation with someone.  Think about someone you would like to build a relationship, great collaboration, or a new member on the team.

Take 5 minutes a week to commend someone for doing something positive.  If your praise-criticism ratio is out-of-whack, just take 5 minutes a week to praise someone for something.

Take 1 minute a week to tell someone about something someone else did.  Sing the praises of a peer, team member, or even your manager to someone else.  Watch the reaction when you say something good about someone else.

30–5-1 minutes a week.  That’s all it takes to build a more inclusive culture.   Give it a try for a few weeks and watch the reaction of others.