Unexpected circumstances can derail your best-laid plans.  Sometimes going off course can be the catalyst to gain greater clarity and reaffirm your commitment to what you really want.  Here are some tools to implement proactive strategies into your life on a daily basis, to keep yourself or get yourself back on track:

  • Set an intention that you have the strength and courage to get through difficult times with grace.
    Adjust your plans when the unexpected takes you on a different path.  It may be an opportunity in disguise.

    Carve out some time from the busyness of doing and give yourself some quiet time.
    When negative thought some up, acknowledge them and send them away.
    Share your concerns with someone you trust; seek out support.
    Practice some self-care – mind, body and spirit.
    Release what is out of your control.
    Trust your instincts.  Let your intuition be your guide.
    Don’t wait to take action until everything is perfect.  Start where you are now.
    Shift your perspective.
    Don’t spread yourself too think by taking on too much.  It’s okay to say no.
    Acknowledge what you are grateful for.  Hardship is only a part of your life; not your whole life.  

    For these and other life planning tools, check out “The 2018 Inner Guide” – a great tool to set goals and chunk them down into monthly, weekly and daily actions.