Understanding your underlying strengths, motivations, needs, and interests is an important step in your journey of discovery, awareness and choice.

Since research reveals that most of the variance in performance and satisfaction is related to the individual, the situation and the interactions between the two, the Birkman Method offers a helpful assessment. This assessment tool describes your personal motivations and behaviors and provides some recommendations for developing skills when faced with a variety of situations and people.

The Birkman Method measures five dimensions:

  • Your most effective style and strengths for dealing with relationships and tasks
  • Your expectations on the best way others should relate and motivate you
  • Your less-than-effective style when your needs are not met
  • The work you will most likely enjoy
  • Your perspective on situations and organizations goals

The Hogan Measures three dimensions:

  • Behavioral attributes describe “why we do, what we do” such as personality and motivational characteristics coupled with cognitive abilitites
  • Competencies describe “what we do and how we do it” such as business, leadership, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills
  • Job performance represents the requirements necessary to be successful in a job

An assessment is the most reliable way to identify key behaviors and motivations that will lead to the success of people, teams and the whole organization.

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