Whether you are working on the next step in your career, or you manager made a remark on your last performance review that you want to address, or the kind of leader who aspires to pursue a high purpose, you may find the Center of Create Leadership “Change Now! – Five Steps to Better Leadership” by Peter Scisco, Cynthia McCauley, Jean Brittain Leslie and Rob Elsey a helpful guide.

Successful people thrive on change with the ability to adapt.  Whether you are making changes for yourself, for others, of the future, now is the time to start to develop, grow and change.  “Change Now” offers a step-by-step tool kit to help you (1) identify your focus (2) create goals (3) craft a plan (4) anticipate and overcome obstacles and (5) figure out how to make change last.   Check it out and share with others.

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.”  — Nelson Mandela