Everyone gets stuck on occasion — whether your career feels stuck or a relationship in a rut, but you can push through tough times to get to the other side.  Building the skill of resilience can be learned and starts with becoming more aware so that you can be intentional about what you say to yourself and what you do when stuck or faced with adversity.  Here are some points to ponder when you want to move on with your life:

1.  Be at peace with frustration.   Give yourself permission to experience negative emotions, like frustration, anger, sadness.  Allow them to exist so that they can run their course.  Instead of acting on the emotions, just notice their arrival and wait for their departure.

2.  Take a step forward.   Take a step, a small step, take another.  Before you know it, you’ve got some momentum.  Select one doable step in the right direction.

3.  Get somebody to help you push ahead.   Team up with a friend or someone who will help you stay consistent and motivated.   Who can you trust to help you move forward.

“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins — not through strength, but by perseverance”   –H. Jackson Brown.

My coaching question for your:   What can you do today to push through to your breakthrough?

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