Many leaders are grappling with building a stronger team as they begin to feel the impact of a return to a more healthy economy.  Recently, I was with a senior team that was beginning to see some top line growth, but still felt “something’s missing.”  Instead of focusing on what they needed to do, they took a hard look at how they work together.  The results are inspiring — a stronger sense of purpose, clear goals, greater communication, better team processes and more fun.

The Center for Creative Leadership has a wide range of resources for leaders to focus on improving their teams performance.  They came out with a 5-pack of 25-page Guidebooks with step-by-step actions to take on a range of topics, including:

  • How to Launch a Team – Start Right for Success
  • How to For a Team – Five Keys to High Performance
  • Maintaining Team Performance
  • Leading Dispersed Teams
  • Raising Sensitive Issues In a Team
For more information, to order these or other guidebooks, contact the Center for Creative Leadership at 336-545-2810 or