To influence others and make things happen, you can maximize your success by building and strengthening three key habits — connect more, convey messages with clarity, and convince others to act.  Connie Dieken shows the way to build these habits and reveals their impact on others in her book, “Talk Less, Say More.”   She describes the power of connection with strategies to engage and manager others attention, stay in the moment, front load the message and create candor, including ways to create a culture of candor.   I found her explanation of conveying your message with a focus “portion control” by avoiding overloading your message very helpful, plus the power of talking in “triplets” — just give your audience three key messages plus ditch the facts and tell them a story.  The final habit of convincing others to act comes by being decisive — the language of leadership — leveraging peers to influence key stakeholders and monitor the energy of your purpose and passion — radiate positive energy with credibility and likeability.   Connie’s “Talk Less, Say More” is one of Audible’s best selling audiobooks, narrated by the author.  Check it out.