Leaders with a high change agility seize the opportunities, throw out the old models and develop new ways of doing things.  In Edith Onderick-Harvey Harvard Business Review (5/18/2018) article on “Five Behavior of Leaders Who Embrace Change,” she lays out a path to increase success in driving change.  Blending and integrating the behaviors, together, create a competitive advantage driving better business outcomes and stronger leadership DNA.

1.  Share a compelling clear purpose:  For people to embrace change, answer the question “why” for people.  Clearly articulate the clear purpose driving the change, and watch people get on-board.

2.  Look ahead and see the opportunity:   Don’t expect senior leaders to communicate the opportunities, make opportunity-seeking a part of your conversation.   Encourage experimentation, and celebrate success.

3.  Seek out what’s not working:   For real learning to occur and trust to build, create a forum and encourage people to share the good, the bad and the ugly.

4.  Look for boundary-spanning partnerships:   Jump out of your silo and build cross-function collaboration to break down barriers.

What can you do to build your change agility?