Surrounded by so much change, I’m finding myself taking some time to reflect to strengthen my resiliency muscles — that ability to bounce back with a more flexible approach to today’s challenges.

Although there are lots of variables that contribute to resiliency including self-regulation, mental agility, connections to family and friends, spirituality, self-awareness of thought, emotions, and actions plus looking at situations from multiple perspectives plus developing a greater sense of optimism.

Some of the benefits include improved health, well-being, relationships and job performance.  When trying to make sense out of the good and bad things that happen to us, try focusing on the specific problem versus taking a global view.  Try to look at the unstable causes of the problem and take an external point-of-view.

To assess your optimism capacity, check out “Optomism” questionnaire at

The only constant in our future is change and may be the time to build flexible approaches to meet new challenges.