Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity abound.  Communicating to your team in this VUCA world is a constant leadership challenge.  Maureen Hoch gives leaders five steps to increase leadership effectiveness in the March 6th issue of Harvard Business Review.  Consider setting your intentions to show up at your best:

  1.  Pause and breathe.   Take a minute to breathe.  Whether you are communicate over the phone, email, in large or small settings, studies show that by just stopping, count to ten, and breathe will reduce stress and increase impact.
  2.  Perspective.  Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.  Seek to understand their position, concerns, questions, interests.  Listening increases; actions improve.
  3. Do your research.  Seek out credible sources of information.  Share with others.  Distill your message into clear, concise language.  Communicate frequently.
  4. Be confident.  State what you know, what you don’t know with confidence.  People want to be part of the process and you can bring them along by sharing information.
  5. Specific about next steps.  In times of uncertainty, people what tangible action items.  It gives everyone a sense of stabilization and control.

You may find some of the best business leaders shifting their communication style and frequency to communicating during uncertain times.  You can be one, too.