One of the single most important things a leader can do to support the team is the creation of a team charter.  If a team does not know where they are going, any road will take them there, but a team charter can provide a set of agreements that clearly states what the team is to accomplish, why it’s important, and how the team will work together.

Here are the elements of a team charter:

1.  Stakeholders:  Who is impacted by the work or actions of the team and what’s important to them?

2.  Vision:  What is a credible picture of a better future?

3.  Values:  What are the top 5-10 values that set the foundation for making decisions, setting priorities, and taking action.

4.  Goals:  What are our specific deliverables and how do we measure our performance?

5.  Roles and Responsibilities:  What is each person’s role?

6.  Boundaries:  What are our specific limitations?

7.  Operating Agreements, Ground Rules, Processes:  Communications, decision-making, conflict resolution, accountability, meetings.

8.  Action Plan:  What needs to be done now?

9.  Assessments:  How will we self-regulate?

Experience shows that a team charter gives everyone the clarity they need to perform at a higher level.  Consider the team charter as a adaptable document, as the team evolves and changes over time.  It works!