Moving toward a more fulfilling life takes some time to access where do you want to be and where are you now?  Fulfillment is a life of purpose, meaning, and satisfaction. To take the steps forward, consider gaining some insight and self-reflection on common barriers to fulfillment:

1.  Failure to dream due to discomfort with exploration, low self-esteem, don’t see any choices, social or peer pressure.  Look for congruence between values, vision and goals.  Explore approval mechanisms, explore need for certain, talk about your definition of success.

2.  Failure to launch due to low decisiveness, lack of knowledge or skills, feeling like an imposter, mindsets or skillsets that hold you back.  Identify the why, where, how; explore risk taking, explore permission and empowerment, analyze habits, create small steps, create a sense of urgency.

3.  Failure to learn due to low adaptability, poor self-awareness, lack of humility.  360 feedback, differentiate between self-image and self-concept, explore mistakes.  

4.  Failure to grow due to indecision, hesitancy, pessimism, avoidance of risk, do not know how to expand.  Use visuals and graphics to plot future, consider consequences of comfort zone, impact the community.

5.  Failure to enjoy due to rewarded through overwork, need to achieve, insufficient self-empathy, not enough-ness.  What does enjoyment mean?  What does it look like?  Explore great meaning of success.   

6.  Failure to exit due to high tolerance to stress, high need for control, not want to start over, self-worth attached to achievement.  Define future dreams, visual the future, replace addition to work with moments of joy.