In today’s complex world and uncertain times, leaders are finding new ways to be fully present by focusing on seeing, being and doing.  Driven by the situation, leaders assume one of four roles:  Subject matter expert, manager, leader, or coach.  Doug Sisbee explains presence-based leadership by focusing on shifting seeing, being and doing from a focus on the subject to moving to seeing, being, doing as an object. 

Seeing:  Refining the way we take in information from accepting historical information to seeking data that expands your view, study yourself as an object, hold all views as tentative and partial.

Being:  Engaging directly with an inner state build on witnessing perceptions, thoughts, emotions, internal sensations.  Move from being inside our experience to label, describe, and acknowledge — watch the show. 

Doing:  Oriented toward creating new conditions versus new solutions.  Actions have impacts and consequences; invest emergence by asking:  Is this the most useful thing to do and move to what else can we do?  Leadership as a collective culture-shaping process not a solution focus. 

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