The greatest power in our lives is our capacity to imagine and dream big.  The more we can create a sense of how we want the next few years to be, with continuity and change, the more we can and will make our dreams happen.   Start with envisioning an inspiring future and weave your dreams, purpose, vision and plans together.  A vision or dream has these characteristics:

  1.  A simple, credible picture of a better future.
  2. A vision encompasses all aspects of our lives, not a simple wanting of something that would be nice to have.
  3. A vision is a promise that is convincing — needs to feel right, needs to feel simple, needs to make us feel alive and happy.
  4. We need to feel positive energy every time we think about it and don’t feel like we have to justify it to anyone.

Start today with your big dream.  Then turn your possible dream into your probable plan.