If you are a leader driving a change, you can only be successful if people buy-into you.  You don’t get any points for failing or get any credit for being right.  Your success will be measured by your ability to bring people along and take them where they need to go.  Otherwise you are just a guy or gal walking around with a great idea.  But first they need to buy-into you.  Think about ways you can build your credibility with folks.  Here’s some ideas to develop a strategy with each person:

  • Spend time to develop a relationship with them
  • Hold yourself to a high standard and set a good example
  • Give people the tools to do their job better
  • Help others achieve their goals

For more on this and other tools to get people to follow you, check out John Maxwell’s “The Laws of Leadership.”   For personal or professional help, he provides a handful of leadership lessons that could change your life.