December flew by with the hustle and bustle of daily life rushing by.   With more to do than time in the day, you may find yourself collapsing at night wondering where the time went and wishing you could capture moments of joy.   In the midst of all the activity, you may struggle to find those precious moments to be calm, centered, and relaxed.   To increase your consciousness of the people and events in one’s daily life, here are three steps to consider.

  1.  Noticing:  Take a moment to notice your surroundings.  Energy, confusion, mystery, perplexed?  Something happened; a shift occurs.
  2. Savoring:  Listen, look, feel more fully, deepen and stay with the experience.
  3.  Responding:  Share your feelings or help others – explore a way to respond to your experience in daily life.

Notice, savor, and respond.   Happy New Year!