You may find it helpful to shift from care-giving to a little self-care.  Here’s a little exercise that may help you to treat yourself like a good friend and see what happens. 

1.  First, think about times when a close friend feels really bad about themselves or is really struggling in some way.  How would you respond to your friend?  Please write down what you typically do, what you say, and note the tone in which you talk to your friend.

2.  Second, think about a time when you struggle or feel bad about yourself.  How do you respond to yourself in these situations?  Write down what you do and what you say.  Note the tone of your self-talk.

3.  Did you notice a difference?  What factors or fears come into play that lead you to treat yourself differently than you treat others?

4.  If you responded to yourself the same way you respond to your friend, what change might occur?

Treat yourself like a good friend and see what happens.