The amount of complexity, confusion, and complication in our daily life seems to grow every day.  “To thrive in this new environment, leaders need to reflect on new patterns of thinkgin, engaging, and activng.” described by  Jennifer Berger and Catherine Fitzgerald in “Cultivating Leadersnip in a Complex World.”

Leaders who only focus on goalds and outcomes may miss vital and unexpected cues in a situation.  Instead, try thinking about situations differently — chose a direction instead of a destination.  Look for thepatterns in the present messiness and confusion rather than forcing order and clarity.

Leadership is about engaging others.  Instead of leading with authority and certainity, consider a greater focus on listening to learn rather than convince, engage with the heart rather than just the head, and get comfortable learning with others instead of alone.

Leaders who act differently shift from the focus on informing, analysis, and doing to creatubgm experimenting and learning.

In a world of complexity and complication, shift from leading for control and certainity to new ways to thinking, engaging, and acting to engage the best parts of you compassionate, connected, and curious self.

Although “it’s scarry out there,” new ways of thinking, engaging, and acting will help to bring clarity to a complex and complicated world.