Leaders work in a uncertain world filled with volatility, complexity, and ambiguity.  How does a leader bring stability, certainty, simplicity and clarity  to their team.  That’s the developmental gap and opportunity for leaders to build capacity and capability to create outcomes that matter.   Leaders who are adaptive, innovative and engaged.

After attending a recent Leadership Circle Summit, keynote speakers Bob Anderson and Bill Adams outlined three step to create a conscious leadership operating system.

  1.  Start with yourself.  Build and deepen relationships, lead by example with integrity, humility, positive attitude, calm presence, personable and approachable.  Be achievement driven with passion and vision
  2. Develop your team.   Create and lead with a developmental agenda, assess individuals and collective effectiveness, build alignment around what matters mos and get the right people in place.
  3. Build leadership systems.  Create metrics, accountability, communications, feedback, goals, relationships.

It’s scary out there, but leader who take a conscious approach to building capacity and capability create outcomes that matter.