After listening to a Sanyin Siang podast, “The Humanization of Leadership During the Pandemic,” she increased my awareness on the importance of leaders investing some time into being “Leaders as Comforters.”  In this time of disruption, leaders are discovering the value of engagement and connection.  Here’s a few of the ideas Sanyin shared with her audience:

  • Reach out and listen.  Resist the urge to tell peple what to do and just listen, get to know your audience.  Use the power of the pause.
  • Consider a weekly video, share something from your home, talk about what inspires or energizes you, shout out to recognize someone,
  • Consider a group text, share your humanity and turn your team into your tribe.
  • Reach out to comfort at a time of loss or disappointment.
  • Find out and listen to the music others like.
  • Check out Beloit College Mindset list based on the year a person graduates or is born.  You may find it easier to understand their perspective and the events that shaped their formative years.

Nothing grows in your comfort zone.  Give it a try and watch the reaction.