When I saw that Harvard Business Review featured an article by Laszlo Bock, I stopped what I was doing and started reading it.  Bock and I worked together a long time together and always been a big fan.  He writes about the challenges of leading “hybrid” teams where people are not together in-person all the time.  Bock’s five rules give leaders a roadmap that brings out the best in everyone.

  1.  Make work purpose driven.  Be sure you are giving the team the why the project is important, how it impacts others, how it fits into the broader company mission.
  2. Trust your people more than feels comfortable.  Give you team enough freedom that makes you feel a little uneasy.
  3. Lean in the small moments.  Send a little nudge to encourage employees to spark a moment of learning.  Something as simple as suggesting a reach out to a colleague to help.
  4. Be more decisive than feels comfortable.   Ambiguity is punishing.  Make a decision, stop the email spin.
  5. Include everyone.  One of the reasons people don’t want to return to work is that they do not feel they belong.  Welcome people back and include them in the space and conversation.

My gratitude to Bock for giving us the roadman to managing in these challenging times.