Many of my colleagues and clients work in organizations in the midst of large-scale transformation.  A group at Georgetown University Institute for Transformation Leadership studies – what does it take to be a transformational leader today and found five critical competencies:

1.  Self-awareness:  Transformational leaders are reflective, they develop a deep understanding of who they are and never stop growing and learning.
2.  Authenticity:  Transformational leaders bring authentic presence to their work; they are courageously imperfect, embrace true selves, and exhibit integrity, vision and compassion in a way that inspires others.
3.  Collaboration:  Transformational leaders engage others including diverse stakeholders, then use the fruits of these discussion to solve complex problem.
4.  Understand Interdependencies:  Transformation leaders learn how to develop, empower and mobilize networks which lead to social, cultural and systemic change.
5.  Humility:  Transformational leaders listen to others and develop a high sense of comfort that they do not have all the answers. 

With these five competencies, transformational leaders thrive in an environment of rapid change.  For more information on transforming leaders and organization, check out their website.