With so many leaders sheltering in place, many use the timely to read up on ways to grow and achieve their ful potential.  Instead of another Blog post on coping in these uncertain times, here is the first in a series to books for professional success and personal fulfillment.

One of my favorites is “Positive Intelligence” by Shirzad Chamine.  While you IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence) contribute to your maximum potential, it is your PQ (positive intelligence) that determines how much of that potential you can actually achieve.   Chamine provides a roadmap to discover:

  •  Identify and conquer your top saboteurs – the inner critic — such as the Judge, Controller, Victim, Avoicer, and Pleaser.
  •  Measure your positive intelligence score and the critical tipping point for peak performance.
  •  Exercises to increase your positive intelligence in just 21 days
  •  Applications include team building, mastering workload, working with difficult people, and improving your work/life balance, reduce stress and influence others.

Great opportunity to read more and grow.