Expressing your appreciation a gift or for something someone has done for you.   I liked the guidance in a recent article in Harvard Business Review by Christopher Littlefield, “How to Write a Meaningful Thank-You Note.”  Sometimes we hold back expresing our thanks to others, but the benefits outweigh the fears.  Littlefield explains, “The many benefits of gratitude may be explained by the feel-good chemicals released from our brains — Dopamine and serotonin – uplift our moods and strengthen neural pathways.”

Here’s Littlefield’s “Rules for Crafting a Meangingul Thank You Notes.”

  1.  Keep it genuine – the goal of expressing your appreciation is to let someone how how their actions impacted you.
  2. Set the context – Start with what prompted you to write the note.
  3. Shrw what you appreciate and why – Focus on the impact their actions had on you.
  4. Close the message – Just a simple “thank you” works
  5. Send it – Hand-written notes get saved and gives the person an opportunity to savor your words and takes the pressure off of an immediate response that email ignite.

    Whether it’s a colleague, boss, family or friend, expressing, go ahead and write a thank you note that will have you happy and the person receiving it.