What brought you to where you are now probably won’t take you to where you want to go.  Now is the time to make changes for yourself, for others, for the future.  If you want to reach the next level of performance or leadership, now is the time to develop, grow, and change.  Don’t wait.  Start now.

Start here:  First pick an area for change.  Focus on what matters most to you, what you can do better, what energizes you.  Focus on a change that creates positive outcomes.  Focus on a change that is at the right level of difficulty — not so easy that you don’t feel challenged, and not so difficult that you can’t make the change.

The best way to start is by writing down lots of ideas about the areas in which you want to make changes.  A few of those will come readily to mind — things you are already working on or something you’ve been passionate about.  Then rate the areas based on (1) passion for (2) positive outcomes and (3) level of difficulty.  Trimming your list may be hard; consider sharing with a partner and asking them what they think.

For more tips on picking an area for change, check out the Center for Creative Leadership’s “Change Now” by Peter Scisco, Cynthia McCauley, Jean Leslie and Rob Elsey.

Surprise yourself.  “The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind.” – Maya Angelo.