If you are rushing toward a goal or struggle to wait for a situation unfold, you may want to practice patience as the next step in moving forward.  A list of patience can sometimes be a sign of fear; we want it now!  So we get anxious, worry or push for things to happen before we or someone is ready.

If you are impatient with someone, what can you do to build greater trust?  At work, a lack of patience can sabotage relationships and keep you from putting your skills to use.  What could you do to build greater patience with whom?   If there is one thing that takes the most amount of patience and perseverance, it’s eating and exercising.  What commitment can you make to build a little more patience and a new habit for better health?

Here’s the challenge:  Patience takes practice.  In what ways do you need to be more patient this week? What are you afraid will happen if you wait?  One of my favorite Chinese Proverbs is “He who knows patience knows peace.”