Social learning is an exciting, emerging trend where learning will be participatory, social, fun, engaging and integrated into all aspects of our lives.  It will combine social media, gaming, real-time feedback, simulations, and our human interactions may be over a text message, posted  on a Facebook wall, comment on a blog, lecture delivered over mobile phone or a You-Tube video.  We will play to learn and learn to play.

I recently attended the Chicagoland Learning Leaders Conference and heard a U.S. military learning leader report on the use of gaming and simulations in basic training.  We watched a video game where the animated soldiers walked through a series of tasks and were awarded points for perfect execution.  It was amazing, fun and very effective. 
You can get started now.   Whether it’s learning for your personal or professional growth, download a podcasts, join the video game craze, sign-up for a webcast or launch an on-line game in your organizations and watch the fun. 

Salam Khan created Khan Academy, a carefully structured series of 2,000 tutorial videos that illustrates the power of social learning with interactive exercises.   Click here to learn more.