If you are looking to reduce stress or increase productivity, you may want to consider mixing up your music.  Listening to different styles of music is like trying out different kinds of food or exploring different art.  Don Campbell, co-author of the new book “Healing at the Speed of Sound,” and his new two-disc CD set “Music for Healing at the Speed of Sound” explains the benefits of a balanced “sound diet.”   Here are some tips on mixing up your playlists.

For more focus:  Break out the Bach.  “The brain responds to order.  That’s where classical music comes in because it’s very well-organized.”  Your breath will slow down and muscles relax, which allows you to center and focus.

Personalize your playlist:  “You can change your mindset with music.  Music can serve as an acoustic perfume.  It can remind you of people or special moments in your life.”

Wake Up:  “Ease into your day with bright but gentle awareness of the sound world around your or use a jolt of sonic caffeine.”

Work-Out:  Use music when you walk or run for a little extra energy boost.

What’s on your playlist?