Are you looking to unleash your creativity?  Looking closer at history’s greatest genius, Leonardo da Vinci, may be a place to be inspired.  I attended a conference recently and enjoyed Michael Gelb’s presentation based on his book, “How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci:  Seven Steps to Genius Every Day”.

Gelb, a pioneer in the field of creative thinking, studied Leonardo da Vinci’s life through biographical and historical information to find patterns in his genius.  Leonardo da Vinci was an anatomist, architect, botanist, city planner, chef, humorist, engineer, equestrian, inventor, geographer, geologist, military scientist, musician, painter, philosopher and storyteller.   Gelb brings Leonardo’s genius to life in a way that you can apply to your own personal growth.

The principles are:

  • Curiosity — an insatiable quest for knowledge and curiosity about everything.  Leonardo and other great innovators all kept daily journals.  Keep a notebook and journal and discover what might be available to you.
  • Demonstration — learn to demonstrate through your own experience,  Look at things from at least three different perspectives and be open to new ideas.
  • Sharpen the senses — arrange your life around activities that will sharpen your senses.  Invite some friends to a wine and chocolate tasting, then write some poetry while listening to some opera.
  • Embrace the unknown — manage the ambiguity, uncertainty and change in your life.  Embrace the good and bad, highs and lows, ying and yang in life.
  • Use your whole brain — exercise the right and left side of your brain; embrace the art and science in your life.
  • Balance mind and body — learn preserve your own physical and mental health; and
  • Everything connects to everything else — be a systems thinker.

You can apply Leonardo’s wisdom to your own personal growth and journey for greater fulfillment.