Starting by assessing and building greater trust on your team can yield greater engagement, relationships and results.  “The Trust Edge” by David Horsayer provides a great framework to build greater trust and his website at includes information on books, resources, workbooks, and assessment tools.  Starting by understanding Harsayer’s eight pillars of trust may help identify the teams strengths and opportunities for greater trust. 

1.  Clarity – daily and strategic communications.
2.  Compassion – listen, appreciate, service.
3.  Character – do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, whether you like it or not
4.  Competence – stay fresh, relevant, and capable
5.  Commitment – stick to it through times of adversity
6.  Connection – connect and collaborate
7.  Contribution – deliver results
8.  Consistency – little things done consistently

If you were to rate your team on the “8 Pillars of Trust,” where are the opportunities to be more trustworthy and trusting?