Leading teams is both an art and a science, and diagnosing a team’s dynamics has never been easy.  You can start with your assessing and benchmarking your team in seven simple areas.  Ken Blanchard describes the “Team Performance Process” with seven characteristics found in all high performing teams:

Purpose and Values:  Identifying a clear purpose and shared values.

Empowerment:  Empowered teams have access to business information and resources, with the authority to act and make decisions with clear boundaries.

Relationships and Communications:  Respect and appreciation of differences and willingness to work toward a common goal, rather than individual agendas.

Flexibility:  The ability to adapt to constantly changing conditions and demands, with team members backing each other up.

Optimal Productivity:  Effective problem solving and decision making producing consistently significant results.

Recognition and Appreciation:  Focus on accomplishment of major milestones throughout the team’s life.

Morale:  A sense of pride and satisfaction that comes from belonging to the team.

If you are looking to strengthen your team, benchmark your team against these seven success measures.  The results will allow you to identify the areas where you need to focus your team on development.