Patrick Lencioni did it again – author of the best selling fable, “Five Dysfunctions of a Team” has written another great book on teamwork, “The Ideal Team Player:  How to Recognize and Cultivate Three Essential Virtues.”  

Lencioni describes the ideal team player as someone who is humble, hungry and smart. 

Humble:  A team player who lacks excessive ego or concerns about status.  Shares credit, emphasizes team over self.  Understand no one goes it alone – great leadership trait.
Hungry:  A team player who is always looking for more to do, more to learn, more responsibility, self motivated and diligent.  You know and love that person on your team.
Smart:  A team player who demonstrates common sense about people and deals with others effectively; good judgment and intuition around group dynamics. 

Lencioni also shines a bright light on some dominate combinations of humble-hungry-smart.  The humble and hungry can be accidental mess makers because they are not smart with their people interactions.  The humble and smart are lovable slackers who can’t get things done, but everyone likes them.  The smart and hungry are ambitious and people manipulators – they are out for themselves.  

Are you an ideal team player?  Check out Lencioni’s self-assessment tool, too.