To improve work life balance and leadership effectiveness, consider focusing on creating a focus on four types of active rest:  Staying calm creates mental rest, connecting with people builds social rest, walking around stimulates physical rest, and meditation can promote spiritual rest.  What the first step to getting your rest program started is to focus on sleep, first on any agenda for good health.  Sleep repairs and restores our bodies and most need an average of 7-9 hours (an 95 hours for teens).  Some key strategies for improving sleep include:

1.  Televisions, phones, and other technology:  Eliminate one hour before bed and replace with music.

2.  Temperature:  Keep your bedroom cool.

3.  Avoid food, caffeine, and alcohol for better night’s sleep.

4.  Diagnose your sleep patterns:   Are you and owl (night), lark (morning person) or hummingbird (both).

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