Anne Lamontt, one of my favorite writers, shared the secret of life, and I wanted to share with you.

“You will go through your life thinking there was a day in second grade that you must have missed, when the grown-ups came in and explained, everything important to other kids.  They said, ‘Look, you’re human, you’re going to feel isolated and afraid a lot of the time, and have bad self-esteem, and feel uniquely ruined, but here is the magic phrase that takes this feeling away.  It will be like a feather that will lift you out of that fear and self-consciousness every single time, all through your life.’

And then they told the children who were there that day the magic phrase that everyone else in the world knows about and uses when feeling blue, which, only you don’t know.  Because you were home sick the day the grown-ups told the children the way the whole world works.

But there was not such a day in school.  No one got the instructions.  That is the secret of life.  Everyone is flailing around, winging it most of the time, trying to find the way out or through, or up, without a map.  This lack of instruction manual is how most people develop compassion, and how they figure out to show up , care, help and serve, as the only way of filling up and being free.  Otherwise you grow up to be someone who needs to dominate and shame others so no one will know that you weren’t there the day the instructions were passed out.” — Anne Lamott