One of my favorite daily habits is reading Sarah Breathnach’s “A Daybook of Comfort and Joy,” and today’s post provided some inspiration for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Whether you “call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, or call it a family, you need one.”  Although the configuration of family may not look like Norman Rockwell’s iconic artwork, our need for close ties and connections is stronger than ever.  Thanksgiving is an opportunity to deepen connections, and here’s some of Breathnach’s best ideas:

  • Be intentional about drawing closer to those you love — put it on your schedule, whether it’s a romantic date night or phone call to a favorite cousin.
  • Keep a stash of cards in the same place you keep your bills and make it a monthly habit to send a card at the same time you are paying bills (I like this idea a lot!)
  • Schedule phone calls for regular check-in to elderly relatives, especially those shut in
  • Make a really big deal out of children’s birthdays
  • Share family stories; record them on audiotape (I would give anything to hear the sound of my mother’s voice)
  • Bring out the family albums after Thanksgiving Dinner(the ones when we were children bare naked in a bathtub are always good for a laugh)
  • Ask everyone to name their favorite Thanksgiving family tradition and pull it forward into your day
  • Share your family Thanksgiving Day traditions with others, especially new family members
“To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.”  – Simone Weil