In today’s protracted economic recessionary environment, Joyce Maroney’s new book, “Elements of a Successful Organizations” is a great guide for organizations to tackle today’s challenges. Some her themes including building the leadership skills to tap into a diverse talent pool, understand process complexity, invest in training, and focus on innovation.  The three basic secrets of successful organizations include:

1.  Strong leadership:  the ability to change and look ahead to the future is a huge differentiator, including the ability to develop key talent to move up into leadership.

2.  Smart management:  the ability to execute on the day-to-day and long term, including great talent management, analytics, training, addressing employee needs, and lean business practices.

3.  Engaged employees:  the biggest drive to successful organizations.

For more, download this podcast — an interview with Joyce Moroney and TLNT Radio Show host, Lance Haun.