But how do you do a cognitive work-out?  Judy Feld, co-founder of award-winning Executive Coaching Program at the University of Texas-Dallas, recently presented at the International Coaches Federation annual conference and shared some compelling research on ways to improve mental function by exercising your brain.  Robust brain health requires we build into our live autonomy, mastery and purpose.  In other words, just by being self-directed, getting better and better at something that matters and being in service of something greater than ourselves can increase our brain function!

Here are some TIPS to preventing decline in brain function:

T – Take a brain health physical.  Get a neck-up check-up to measure and monitor brain health.

I- Ignite, Insight and Innovation.  Resist multi-tasking, create mental idle time for discovery and deeper thought.

P- Practice your passion.  Go after what you love to do with gusto!

S- Strengthen your frontal lobe by build strategic thinking and innovative problem solving.  Zoom out, zoom in, zoom out.

Brain function can be impaired by information overload and multi-tasking and strengthened by integrated reasoning.  You can exercise your brain by synthesizing facts and opinions into core ideas and write a synopsis.  Teach and mentor others is another great brain exercise.  Develop your mental flexibility by looking at problems from multiple perspectives. 

For more infomation, check out www.brainhealth.utdallas.edu or www.coachnet.com