Do you want to make a bigger impact with greater presence?  Although there may be many ways to improve your leadership presence — to motivate, inspire and lead at a higher level, you may want to focus on your voice.  Leaders who speak in monotones may lose their audience or minimize the impact of their message.  The speaker drones on and on in monotones.  Listeners just stop listening.  Improving vocal variety can improve your presence.  The voice is an incredible instrument that allows a broad spectrum of expression.  Here are 5 tips to practice this week:

  • Vary your pitch:  You can make your voice high, like a violin, or low, like a cello.  The lower the pitch usually conveys authority, gravitas, and self-confidence.Vary your volume:  Some people naturally speak more loudly and others speak more softly.  Both can be effective — but vary the volume for emphasis.Vary our speed:   Some talk fast.  Others talk slowly.  Varying your speed can serve to emphasize something important.Add warmth:  People like to hear a warm, rich voice.  Just think of James Earl Jones … both deep and warm.  Use pauses:  Effective speakers are no afraid to make a point and then say nothing for a second or two.  This technique underlines the point and conveys a strong sense of conviction. You may want to experiment with vocal variety and watch the reaction.