With the new school year and mailboxes stuffed with adult education brochures, it feels like the start of a new year and opportunity to renew learning goals. Whether you are taking a class,doing new things, gathering facts to analyze a problem or seeking advice from someone who has already conquered a challenge, learning goes hand–in-hand with a passionate life.

Recently, a friend shared her learning experience.  At their summer vacation home, she has spent years watching her husband navigate, maintain and care for their boat.  As he pulled it up to the dock, she jumped off and was content to be a passive member of his crew.  But this summer, she decided to learn.  She reached out to her network and partnered with a friend who taught her the ropes.  She learned to clean, change the oil, pull in and out of the slip, secure it for summer storms and navigate as captain on the high seas.  Her energy and enthusiasm for learning new skills was contagious and inspiring.

Bun Dunlap, Wofford College President, tells a great story of Sandor Teszler, a Hungarian holocaust survivor and his passion for living and lifelong learning.  You may be inspired by the short video; his story gave me goosebumps and a great example of making a commitment to learning, growing and leading a passionate life.  


“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”  Abigail Adams