John C. Maxwell, speaker, pastor, and author of many best-selling books held a leadership webinar and gave his definition of success. You may find my summary helpful and create some greater awareness around your definition of success:

1.  Know your purpose in life.  On the day you are born, you begin the process of discovering “why?”  Once you find the answer to “why and I here?” you can find your way and your will. To help you find your purpose in life, consider two paths:  (1) A passion path – what are you passionate about? (2) A strength path – what are you really go at?  Finding your purpose can serve as an anchor and give you the self-discipline to find your way. 

2.  Grow to your maximum potential.  Success depends on a life committed to personal development.  You need to be intentional about learning that shows up as a consistent action on your weekly agenda.  With clarity of your purpose and a growth mindset, you have uncovered two secrets of success.

3.  Sew seeds to benefit others.  Find a way to help and add value to others.  Live beyond yourself, reach out with random acts of kindness and ask – how can I add value or who can I help today? 

“A leader is one who know the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”  — John C. Maxwell.